X Rocking Gaming Chair With Speakers Built in

Are you looking for the ultimate gaming experience? Look no further than X Rocker gaming chairs! These incredible gaming chairs have built-in speakers, allowing you to immerse yourself in sound just like you’re at the cinema. With its ergonomic design, you can get comfortable for hours of gaming without having to worry about your back or neck pains. Plus, its stylish design will be the envy of all your friends.

This ultimate guide to X rocking gaming chair With speakers built-in will help you find the perfect chair for your gaming setup. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision, from the different types of X Rocker chairs available, to the features that make them stand out. So, let’s get started!

Sound Quality

Having speakers built into a best gaming chair is a nice feature if you’re seeking higher sound quality. You also want to make sure you get the most out of your speaker placement. It’s also helpful to have speakers positioned in a way that channels sound in your direction. Using sound to direct sound directly to your ears provides a truly immersive, game-changing experience. The Pro Series H3 higher end, includes two more speakers to enhance the effect.


With 2 speakers mounted on the headrest for increased audio immersion and connectivity to all your favourite games consoles* and multi-media audio devices such as mobiles and tablets, you can enjoy your entertainment to the fullest extent.

AUDIO 2.0 audio system (2 speakers)



Your TV or console headphone socket can connect via the RCA analogue audio outputs, you can connect any of your preferred games consoles and audio equipment, such as the PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo.


You may need an additional digital audio transmitter if these outputs are not available on your TV – purchased separately.

READY TO Thrill?

The X Rocker PlayPad 2.0 is a compact yet comfortable gaming chair featuring a headrest mounted analogue sound system to enhance your audio experience, whether you’re playing games, watching movies, or listening to music. For a luxurious feel, the PlayPad is upholstered in a soft-touch bouclé weave fabric.


The headset is equipped with 2 speakers, 1 subwoofer mounted on the backrest, and 1 subwoofer mounted on the side of the headrest to provide the most immersive and impactful audio when enjoying your favourite games, films, and music.

AUDIO 2.1 audio system (2 speakers & 1 subwoofer)


Wired Connection
Audio Transmitter

Feel the Best Beat

The X Rocker G-Force Sport 2.1 is a revamped version of a standard floor rocker that provides an immersive audio experience no matter whether you’re racing on the virtual track, watching the latest movie, or listening to your favourite music.

4.1 Audio Sound System

With 4 built-in speakers and a backrest-mounted subwoofer for extra bass, fill the room with crystal-clear audio.

AUDIO 4.1 audio system (4 speakers & 1 subwoofer)


With the included wireless digital transmitter or Bluetooth connectivity, you can connect to your favourite games consoles wirelessly.

Supercharge your setup Need to Update

The X Rocker Sentinel 4.1 is a new audio system-enhanced floor rocker gaming chair. We’ve supercharged the Sentinel 4.1 with our brand new audio system, which connects to PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo video games consoles as well as mobile devices and tablets, allowing you to control the volume from a wireless/Bluetooth dual control panel.

The Sentinel 4.1 provides an immersive audio and gaming experience thanks to its tri-motor vibration technology, four speakers, and subwoofer, all of which are finished in black PU and simple to clean.

Ultimate Comfort

Consider the padding quality and thickness, whether the backrest and headrest are comfortable, whether there is a footrest, and how far the chair reclines in order to choose the right office chair.


If you spill a lot of liquids, you should stick with the leather options in this list. If you heat up quickly, consider looking at the mesh chair alternatives.

Do you know what kind of padding the cushion is made of? Do you want to ensure that you purchase a cushion that will maintain its shape and density over time, or something fluffy? You don’t want to spend money on something plush just to discover that it loses its softness after a few months of use.

Final Recommendation

Every x rocking gaming chairs has some speaker action that can really bring the beats. If you want the ultimate experience, do not hesitate to spend a little more to grab a chair with a subwoofer for that boost of bass. If that’s not in your price range, one of the more budget-friendly chairs on this list will also serve you well.

The X Rocker Pro Series H3 is my favorite chair for what it adds to the experience. You can’t beat four speakers, a powerful subwoofer, and additional motors for creating a full-body gaming experience. It’s also very comfortable to sit in and will keep you comfortable for hours so that you can pay attention to what’s in front of you. Besides VR, you’ll feel as if you’re really in the trenches with your comrades.


Are speakers better for gaming?

Gaming headsets are better than most laptop speakers or stereo sound systems at producing good audio. You can, however, achieve an equally immersive gaming experience with newer gaming headsets.

Do gaming chairs have speakers?

On most gaming chairs with speakers, two speakers are located on the back or wings of the headrest. Some gaming chairs also have a built-in subwoofer on the backrest, which adds bass and vibration.

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